Drink It Up - Cum Eating Instruction

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There you are loser! New you would show up on time! Seen as you cannot wait to get started with that horny cock of yours! Let me tease you and show off my perfect body to you, that you will never ever get to touch, but just to wank over!! Thats right get out that cock for me and start stroking it nice and slowly, good boy! Let me tease you with my sexy body and take off my bra, that gets your cock rock hard! Bet you wish you could slip it right in between my perky tits dont you? Haha! GO ON Wank it even faster for me... As you watch me take off my panties for you! I know you cock will be solid once you have a glimpse at my tight shaven pussy! That you have always wanted to fuck! Haha! Now I am going to rub that clit and play with my pussy, whilst your wanking that cock nice and hard for me! Good Boy! I know your dying to explode for me! Im going to Count down and your going to CUM hard for me! We have both been waiting for this moment.. that when you CUM your going to drink it out of a glass I give you... So I can watch you Drink it all up! Now go on what are you waiting for! SPUNK inside that glass!!