Ball Sweat Fag

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Basically a coerced bi scenario focusing on "ball sweat"... pimp me out to a bunch of nasty, sweaty, random guys and have them wipe their "ball sweat" all over my face, press their sweaty balls against my nose and make me inhale. Tell me "their balls stink!" (like vinegar, stinky cheese, dirty feet, hot garbage, whatever) and I'm gonna have "ball sweat" all over my face the rest of the day. Have me suck a few of their dicks and let them use my ass as a "cum dumpster", but focus on saying the phrase "ball sweat" as much as possible throughout. Seriously, no amount of repeating the phrase "sweaty balls" or "ball sweat" would be too much. Hold your nose and wave your hand in front of your face a lot throughout. And say the whole room smells like "stinky balls".