Can James Bond Resist?

  • Model: Bratty Jamie
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  • Duration: 00:10:02
  • Resolution: 720x576
  • File size: 40M
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Request: follow up to Capture James Bond - you were so amazingly seductive in that!

Bond is yours now. You own him. And in this clip you decide to have some fun with your handsome captive and show him just how much he belongs to you. A fellow agent of his tried to rescue him from your beautiful clutches, but you captured him, too! You walk in with that amazing, leggy walk of yours. You look stunning. You inform James that you'll be willing to let his friend go on one condition - James has to resist kissing you. You sit and slowly cross your muscular legs - the legs that will break his friend should he fail. Lots of tight leg crosses and double legs crosses showing off just how muscular and beautiful you are and irresistible. Your legs are dangerous but your lips are heaven - why resist when it would feel so good? The clip ends with you lifting the smaller Bond into your arms.

"Your friend is doomed, but I have you, James."

Black out.