Dirty Diaper Humper

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Request:You explain to me you know I love hearing you talk about diapers, dirty diapers, huggies, etc.. You intend to easily prove I am a complete diaper perv loser. You have me dump a pile of my old dirty diapers onto my bed. You make sure I am only wearing a dirty diaper. You have me start a video recording. You have me start humping the pile of dirty diapers and you have me make sure one is by my face as you humiliate me about loving hearing you talk diapers. You have me hump the dirty diaper pile and when you are ready have me cum in the diaper I am wearing, with some time remaining. As I lay there in the dirty diaper pile, you humiliate more about liking to hear about diapers and my old dirty diapers. You tell me what you want me to do with the recording. Should I be coerced to masturbate to it? Should I have to send it to you? etc. If possible to personalize, use of the name David would make it that much more awesome. Feel free to mold this as you see fit.