Sissy Statue

  • Model: CamDiva
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  • Duration: 00:30:40
  • Resolution: 1280x720
  • File size: 205.4M
500 Credits ($50.00)

Complex intimate dolly trance. Three distinct intertwining segments. This is an interesting journey with a strong psychological twist. I produced this piece to present a feeling of closed door intimacy, as if you were in My office mere feet away. While sleek and minimalist in visual presentation (other than My beautiful face and breathtaking cleavage in constant view) the focus in centered around My explanation of your desire to surrender to Me completely. Utterly. To such a degree that the world could burn down around you and you would not even notice as a direct result of being so overwhelmed and entranced by Me. I like to pose My dolly toys and paint them with lipstick. Complex overlapping of multiple techniques... Contains: mesmerism, sissy bimbo, blended Pygmalionism and dollification, soft humiliation, pocket watch induction, short countdown, repetition, PHS, light effects as deepeners, public posing.