Party Girl Executrix

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You stumble upon a beautiful, hot, young thing complaining about how she's had too much to drink and her skirt's too short. A big, strong man like you, do you have what it takes to rescue this damsel in distress?
The next thing you know, you're waking up. You're bound, gagged and naked on the floor of your basement with this girl straddling you. She's explaining how she's a sadist who thoroughly enjoys tortg and killing men like you.

You're horrified, but wait; she's also saying how she's going to fuck you stupid. She literally gets off on terrorizing men and wants to get off on you. She wants to see lust combined with fear on your face. This girl's a psycho; you have to get out of here. Oh, but God damn, when she lowers her tight, wet cunt around your dick, nothing else matters. With each thrust as she's riding your cock, she explains how she's done her homework on you. She knows you're loaded, filthy rich. "Each limb of yours will be removed until you give me all of your $$$