A Humiliating Interview

  • Model: Dannii Harwood
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You've worked hard your whole life. Your career is the most important thing in your life and when this new job was made available, you knew that you would be perfect for the post. You prepared well and were feeling confident, until you walked into the interview room to see Miss Danielle Harwood dressed from head to toe in her sexy tight office outfit with a pair of sexy tights on... Danielle is absolutely stunning and you instantly feel intimidated. All of your planning has gone to waste, you struggle to answer her simple questions. Even Worse, the stocking fetish, which you have been trying to restrain comes back in force, as Danielle catches you staring at her sexy long legs, before catching you peeping up her skirt at her panties... The interview takes a turn for the worse, as this young beautiful women confronts you on your constant leering. She rips into you, humiliating you and calling you a freak before tormenting you with her sexy stocking clad legs. She makes it clear that yo