Your New Wife and Mistress

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''Guess what Hubby!'' You Wife Miss Danielle Harwood says... She was concerned at first... but, after hearing the truth about what you had actually been doing when you were supposedly seeing friends and working late EACH WEEK, she took a different choice of retaliation. So Danielle checked your browser history and bank statements. She found the information very interesting and YOUR MISTRESS you had been seeing informed her of your NEED to SERVE like the worthless WEAK WIMP YOU ARE. Danielle immediately without regret ARROGANTLY informs you that not only has she met your MISTRESS but, your mistress has even been training YOUR BELOVED WIFE. She immediately SHOUTS at you ''ON YOUR KNEES'' you have never heard your wife speak so DOMINANTLY, COLDLY and CRUELLY and without remorse, she tells you your her SLUT and that you will do EVERYTHING for her from NOW ON! YOUR WIFE IS NOW YOUR MISTRESS! Prepare to SERVE A TRUE GODDESS NOW!