I LOVE Blackmail HD

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After setting up the Pandora's Box email account, I have literally received hundreds of blackmail submissions from losers desperate to be publicly humiliated by me. Some are tipsy and feeling weak and some are just total losers and humiliation junkies! Haha either way... I fucking love it! I make a fortune and ruin lives. So... What about you LOSER? Are you interested in blackmail? Has it finally dawned on you that you are completely inferior and need to be owned? Or do you just want to see me RINSE and RUIN your life? Are you really stupid enough to buy this clip and send me your information? Mmm... you need it, don't you loser! You can't fight your cravings anymore... You are going to buy this clip and follow every instruction (you might want to have a few drinks first)! And when you've done everything I ask, just type in the email address and click SEND!!!