Wife Becomes Mistress Part 1 HD

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Oh hey honey... I didn't expect you back so early. Why am I dressed like this? Err well I didn't actually go to Pilates this afternoon. In fact I have never been... I've actually been sneaking off to get training from a Dominatrix! Haha I know it's a bit out there. But trust me she's very good! You see honey, I've been unhappy for a long time and whilst I'm not ready for a divorce, things definitely need to change! In fact they are going to change now... GET ON YOUR KNEES! DO IT! NOW!!! I am no longer 'Dannii' or 'Danielle' to you. You will address me as 'Mistress.' Yes that's right... You are going to be my bitch. My slave. You are going to be locked up into a device and do everything I say. You will keep this house in shape. Oh and we are NOT going to have sex... Ever! I'm going to be fucking other guys. Oh don't look so sad... I may let you lick my pussy if you behave!