Office Secretary Custom Movie

  • Model: Tanya Tate
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  • Duration: 00:20:41
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This is a Custom Movie for Nic ordered on Customs4U website:
Hi Tanya, my name is Dominic [Nic]. My fantasy is for you to role-play as my devoted, sexy secretary on Valentines Day. You'd shoot w/fixed camera & be talking dirty to me from an office chair (sitting in it/standing in front/bending over). The vid would start with you seated, legs crossed, giving me a flirty greeting (we are working in my home office). You wear: very short black skirt, white or red button-down blouse, heels, necklace, & bracelet I bought you:), over a sexy bra and thong panties. You'd thank me for the gift, & suggest we stop work early so you can give me gift - you:) You'd start a naughty strip (bottoms off 1st/mostly standing up), revealing your goodies for my pleasure. Once nude, model & pose erotically, offering me a BJ, your tits 2 suck & pussy 2 eat. Then invite me to differ sex positions, ending w/missionary cream pie.