Strawberry Fields

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Hey Doll, I wanted to order a custom video. For the video, i wanted you to wear a black sheer or lace bra,panty, and stockings. Start out with a robe over them then do a sensual strip tease to some mood music. Provocatively, eat some organic straw berries. I like being teased and seduced. Im a touchy feely person so that will help set the tone I wanted the rest of the video to be a close up of you pushing your panties to the side and rubbing and fingering yourself getting super wet as you say my name "aaron". I love eating pussy so talk about sitting on my face and your juices running down my face. Ideally, I'd love to see you squirt. If you squirt i promise to buy the Tom Ford sunglasses on your wish list. As you lay there in your post orgasmic ecstasy blow me a kiss and say "You are amazing Aaron" I also ordered the VIP merchandise packet. Mainly i want your cum soaked panties from the video. If you could accomodate that request it would be awesome.