Catholic School Teacher Fucks Student

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I kept you after class to have a discussion about some complaints young ladies made regarding your behavior. I notice you staring at my posterior, not to mention you can't take your eyes off my chest. The girls have seen you touching yourself down there too. Don't laugh, human anatomy is not funny - God has given us these tools for reproduction, and reproduction only. Meaning you are not to 'play' with it like that. You're doing it right now! This is what I'm talking about; a blatant lack of respect for your teacher, your body, and God. You think this is some kind of joke, well let's just see how hysterical bare breasts are! How about a woman's vagina, is that funny too? Take your penis out right now, I'll show you how you are to treat these reproductive organs. Fantasy includes: female domination, religious, catholic school teacher, teacher/student, virtual sex, virtual doggy style, strip tease, confrontation, masturbation encouragement, fingering, pov