2 lesbian in the woods & one plug in the ass with stockings & garterbelt

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Because last time we tried to find a place in the woods it begins to rain, we decided to go back again in the woods with the sun shining. Dressed in our sexy minidress and Louboutin LADY DAF heels 16CM and she in sandals, we walked through the woods without panty, on the difficult pathway. Always teasing each other. She touch Under my dress and discovered I was wearing only my 12 straps cervin garterbelt and nylons. Some people could see us from far away, but that's what we like :) We search for a quiet place, walking through leafs on the ground in our high heels. We sit down and I show her the new plug I bought. I put it in my ass, and we continue to kiss each other and touch eather. I pull of her dress to show her to the camera, and so i can touch them too ;). I show you Under my skirt and become both excited, but bad luck for us because some childs came bothering us to play, so we had to leave the place :( nex