Custom Striptease for Jimmy

  • Model: Andi Land
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  • Duration: 00:10:48
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Custom video for Jimmy. I'm in my kitchen, wearing a short denim skirt, lacey matching bra and panties, and knee high socks. My hair is in braided pigtails. I say the name "Jimmy" as I tease by pulling up my skirt to reveal my sweet ass and a tight little camel toe. I get down on the floor and remove my bra, and ask if you like my perky titties and if you will suck them for me. I tell you that I bet you could make me feel good, and that I know I could make you feel really good, too. I ask if your cock is nice and hard for me yet, as I pull my panties to the side and start to rub my pink pussy. I taste myself and tease you by saying how delicious it is, don't you wish you could have a taste? I turn around and give you a view of my ass and pussy from behind, before finishing with some masturbation close ups.