70 Credits ($7.00)

I come into the house to hear the sound of my roommates muffled voice. I look around trying to locate the sound, only to realize it's coming from my shoes.... My roommate has transformed herself into my socks!! She begs me to read the reversal spell. I agree, but once I find out that the spell will destroy the socks in the process, I'm not so willing. I've been wearing these socks for over a week, getting them stinky for a client who paid a lot of money. I tell my roommate that if she gives me her bank info so I can transfer her funds to my account, I won't send her off to him. She finally caves, and I drain her account. She asks me why I'm not changing her back, and my true colors come forth. I didn't say I would change her back. I said I wouldn't ship her to HIM. Imagine what she'll sell for now, especially after wearing her longer!

(My socks have a voice over you'll just love!)

Includes: Brat Girls, Financial Domination, Magic Control, Socks, Stuck, Transformation Fetish