Strip Tease Freeze - 03-09-2014

  • Model: Angela Sommers
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  • Duration: 00:11:13
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" Hi there, I hope you like what you see. And if you're good, I'll even freeze for you just to tease you even more." As I begin to strip for you, I unbutton my blouse and get ready to remove it, then I suddenly freeze looking very seductively into the camera. 10 -15 seconds goes by....then I continue teasing you. As I remove each piece, I freeze for a short period of time with a very erotic Facial expression, mouth slightly open, looking seductively at you. Now I am down to my stockings, high heels and garter. " if you liked that, you're really going to enjoy this." As I sit back and begin to masturbate for you , I freeze in various moments of ecstasy.....