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  • Model: Jasmine Mendez
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  • Duration: 00:12:43
  • Resolution: 640x480
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Custom Script: You are a bully wearing Jeans tucked into tall leather boots who has cornered a smaller man. He tries to get away but you force him to the ground and pin his head under your boot. You tell him he won't be going anywhere unless he does as you say. You release his head and order him to lick your dirty boots clean. He objects and tries to get away but you overpower him with kicks and trap him under your boot again. You increase the pressure and demand that he obeys until he finally gives up. You laugh and taunt as he gets on all fours and licks your dirty boots clean. When he thinks he is finished you force him onto his back and make him lick the bottoms of your boots. He gags on the filth while you tower over him happily describing all the nasty things you've stepped in. Finally you stand over him and tell him that he can go but as he struggles to get up you push his face to the floor with your boot and tell him that you've decided to make him your slave.