Lingerie - 19-09-2014

  • Model: Angela Sommers
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  • Duration: 00:12:59
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Stripperbot3000 is standing in corner of room in black high heels/stockings/garter, purple bra/panties and white c thru coverall. Hair is straight, makeup natural. I look her over for a moment (couple of body pans) her proximity sensors activate her. With blank face, she looks at me and says " Welcome home Master, I'm ready to perform for you." SB3 begins her strip tease, slowly gyrating and moving her hands over her body to get me going. However, she freezes up when a piece of clothing is removed or she overheats. Lasts for about 10 to 15 seconds. When SB3 overheats, she's in really erotic positions and facial expressions are extremely arousing (freeze in these positions) SB3 says "Reloading" after each freeze, continues her strip tease until only stockings/garter/high heels remain when she starts masterbating. After short freezes SB3 stands up straight and says, " WARNING ! WARNING ! Programming corrupted ! Shutting down". SB3 turns off looking straight ahead, bent at hips