95 Credits ($9.50)

I'm wearing an outfit I know you'll love Mike. I'm in long black thigh high socks, a bright pink pleated school girl skirt, a kickass pair of heels, and a pair of panties so lacy you could get a peek at my pussy if you leaned in close enough. I want to watch you jerk off while I do my slow hip grinding on all fours I know you love so much. It's the hottest thing you've seen, and you can't explain why. No need. Just let me work you up, so I can count you down. Squirt for me. Squirt, because it makes me so wet to see cum shoot out of that dick!

Includes: Ass Shaking, Cum Countdown, Dirty Talk, High Heels, Jerk Off Instruction, Legs, Masturbation Encouragement, School Uniforms, Socks