Proving Female Superiority

  • Model: Jasmine Mendez
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Dress up to you but use black stocking & black high heels (peep-toed).
U are a psychoanalyst. A male enters,sits & asks to be helped with submissive tendencies: he considers males inferior to women but want to fight this back. U tell instead he is right in his belief & that should submit completely as every male is inferior to every woman. 1 show Women are smarter. 2 explain Women sexually control males. 3 He stupidly argues back but in the end admits U right.Says however males are stronger. U laughs & tells Women are stronger. U stand and short fake fight begins. He tries to hit U always missing. Throw him in the ground 2/3 times.Finish with a groinkick. Ask: who is stronger-He says:you-Then U say: I declare victory for all Women and put foot on him. U Victorypose and humiliate him and all males until clip's end.Always speak at camera repaeting why women are stronger&superior as U were explaining to a public. Roll him on the ground, trample, clean shoe on groin. Never remove shoes.