Mattress Mistress!

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Your eyes caught the sight of your lovely bed stuffed with adorable pillows & the look of it is just turning you on. Every inch of your body is craving to have some fun with the soft pillows & not forgetting the lovely bedding but there is another craving deep inside. Years of ripping up clothes, crushing stuffs under your heels & destroying things had taken its toll on you as you start fantasizing destroying everything in your room. You had never tried it before but the idea is so irresistable. You moved around the room for a while & fantasize yourself on what you going to do to the tables, chest drawer you came across until you approach the bed with your fingers touching the bedding in a lusty manner & in the end fondling around with the pillows especially the corners which is your favorite. You teased the bed with your seductive whisper, pulled up your tight skirt & grind your crotch on the edge of the bed.