Lingerie - 26-11-2014

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Outfit-wise: Start in shorts or skirt w/bra and panties, white or pink lace panties are preferable.

My name's Ben, so please say it throughout...

Ask me if I want to see your panties. Gradually reveal them, teasing your pussy and your ass...tell me that you love rubbing your pussy and feeling your panties get all juicy. Tell me that you what want to rub your panties while wrapping your lips around my thick, uncut cock, getting it nice and hard to fuck you with. Tell me that what you really want is for me to rip a hole in your panties, fuck your pussy and then slide it deep in your ass. Tell me that you want me to fuck your tight little ass until you cum and then beg me to pull it out and jerk off all over the front of your panties, so that you can feel my massive, hot load all over them and all over your pussy, that you LOVE getting cum all over your panties.

(And obviously feel free to word everything however you feel -- if you're not comfortable w/anal talk, that's OK!)