Strip Tease - 04-01-2015

  • Model: Angela Sommers
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It's Xmas morning and Santa has left me the one present I had on my list: Angelina, the Naughty Xmas doll. Angelina is standing next to my Xmas tree. I find the remote, Angelina sees me and says " Merry Xmas you naughty boy. Santa said you were naughty this year so I'm here to show you just how naughty I can be." Angelina begins her strip tease. As Angelina strips, I hit the pause button to stop her and just play with her before she continues her strip tease. I stop her and start her until she asks me "Are you ready for your Xmas day surprise ?" She comes over and starts to give me a blowjob. As she's handling my manhood, she is saying naughty things to me to get me even more excited. Suddenly Angelina stops stroking me and starts to masturbate on the couch. Angelina is ready to cum when she begins to have some jerking motions. She sits up,looking start ahead and says "You are just too naughty for me. I must go back to Santa's workshop." Looks like I'll be sending her back to Santa