Ass Worship

  • Model: Anna Bell Peaks
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  • Duration: 00:09:33
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Anna knows that I can't get enough of her, the pink hair, the tattoos, the big tits and fine ass and she knows that I would do anything to see it all, as such, she wants complete control of me, so she demands that I start jerking my cock to her tits and ass (with a slight tease to reveal her boobs in full) Obviously this is win win for me, but then she asks me to kiss her ass cheeks, she then demands that I get on the floor where I belong and keep jerking to the vision of perfection above me. It is now that shepulls down her panties and demands that I lick her asshole - aggressively telling me to stroke and lick, riding my face all the time. When it is time to she tells me that for being a good servant, I can come all over her big perfect tits.

I was hoping she could wear something to give big cleavage initially and if I could be called Chris throughout the video that would be great.