Masturbation - 22-08-2015

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My name is Jishnu (Jish, as in ‘fish’ and, Nu, as in ‘newton’) You can call me Jish if it’s easier.
I’d like you to do a 4 minute striptease. Once you’re naked you masturbate and give me jerk off instructions for 5-6 minutes until orgasm.
Dirty talk: Your friends Britney, Bella & Paloma (all hot models) told you my Indian dick is huge after I fucked them all last week. You do a striptease to convince me to let you see my huge dick. You tell me to slowly strip for you and get horny at the sight of my ripped muscular body. You've always wanted to see a big brown Indian cock, and my dick is bigger than any white boy you’ve been with. You want to prove that you’re better than those girls, so taunt them as you give me jerk off instructions.