Bad Student Mesmerizes Teacher

  • Model: Anna Bell Peaks
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  • Duration: 00:29:21
  • Resolution: 720x480
  • File size: 169M
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You start off as a conservative teacher having a discussion w/ a problem student about his future. The student says hes going to be a professional hypnotist when he grows up. You mock him, then dare him to try and mesmorize you. You're slowly put under his power. He wakes you up and you continue lecturing him until he makes you act out certain characters: a sexy vamp like Mae West, a dominatrix, a busty bimbo, a lovestruck. admirer (between each you briefly return to a normal mindstate). After this he puts you under again, youre suddenly dressed in a corset, stockings and heels. When you wake, youre shocked and pissed at him. After awhile, you start posing for him, not quite believing that youre doing it and wondering why youre calling him "Master." Eventually, you become so turned on, you masturbate til orgasm. When your mind clears, youre back to your normal self, although still dressed sexily and ask if you can be his sexy assistant in his act.