Nefarious Nurse Samantha: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

160 Credits ($15.99)

How did you slumber last night? Oh good. It looks like the virus that you have been hospitalized for is much improved. Let ME listen to your heart beat. What's that? I look familiar? Here let ME take MY ponytail out & MY glasses off. Now do you recognize ME? It's been five long years. Well,I went back to school and became a R.N. I was off yesterday, but when came in this morning I saw your chart at the nurses station. I took your room assignment & here we are. Let ME give you your scheduled injection. There we go. Oh that was a muscle relaxer. The only thing you're going to be able to move is your eyes. I never got over your & MY best friends heinous betrayal of ME. I saw through social media, that you got married and have 2 tykes. That's wonderful. As for ME, I could never even date again. I think MY ex best friend, your wife & tykes are coming in to visit you in an hour. That's perfect. I have one more injection to give you: Digoxin. This will slow your heart beat down to nothing. Let ME pull up a chair and watch you slowly expire. Remember: REVENGE Is A Dish Best Served COLD. Executrix, Femme Fatale, Evil Nurse. Nurse, Revenge, Payback, Glasses, Nurse Costume, Curvy, Big Tits, Cleavage.