JOI for LOSERS - Harely Quinn

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So your at home all alone living your boring, pathetic, mundane life. Which is why I - Harley Quinn - have chosen you, because you are a LOSER! Just thought I would pop in for a visit, I was in the neighbourhood & felt like tormenting someone *hehe*. Besides you do need a bit of spice in your menial existence, I'm blonde, beautiful, vicious & nasty - PERFECT! Now I thought that we would play a game, a game where you need to entertain ME!!! If you don't amuse me things may not be looking so good for you if you know what I mean *wink*. The game we are going to play is a masturbation game, a game where you the 'loser' jerks your cock for me & exactly how I want you too. You must follow my instructions very carefully & never deviate from my desire... Oh and there is also a twist to this JOI game, something to satisfy my slightly more sadistic side *hehe*