The Sorceress

190 Credits ($18.99)

Hello & welcome. I'm glad to see you made it on such a rainy & treacherous night. A friend told you about ME & MY incredible powers. You look desperate & sad. Tell ME what you did to your lady? Alright tell ME. Talking to strumpets on social media. What else? You had a fling with your disgusting ex. You're a low down &oh-so- typical . The ONLY way you you even have a shot at getting your lovely lady back is for ME to power hose out & Febreeze IN that clueless, juvenile, thoughtless, gross, male inner sanctum between your ears! Now.....keep your eyes on MY Swinging, Beautiful, Large Crystal....Back & Forth...Back & Forth....Start to inhale.....clean air.....all the way exhale slowly all toxicity & man & & out. Relaxation starts at the crown of your head & down it melts all over your body...enveloping you in MY power. Mesmerize, Magic Control, Sorceress, Witch, , Mind Fuck, Costume, Gothic.