Edging & JOI In A Short, Low Cut Shiny Dress

180 Credits ($17.99)

You're all a bunch of Wankaholics arentcha? I know...I know...so I have donned MY black, tight, lowcut, SHINY, PVC Killem with Kink dress on & MY matching opera length, black PVC gloves for a JOI, Edging, Delightfully verbally Dominant, controlling & slightly abusive session to once again remind you who's BOSS! I'll control when you stroke, how you stroke, where you stroke and whether or NOT you cum. Blue is MY favorite shade of balls and don't you forget it! JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Edging,Female Domination, PVC, Fetish Wear, Gloves, Shiny, Verbal Abuse, Female Supremacy, Control, Masturbation Instruction