Intake Session At The Gender Transformation Center

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Hello beautiful ladies, this clip is a continuation of MY earlier clip: Daddy To Mommy Makeover: (Buy it too if you haven't already!). Welcome To Our Gender Transformation Center. You have decided to go for an astonishing head to toe, surgical and cosmetic, Gender Transformation. Second step after the orientation is the intake, where I will go through all the female transition prototypes and you will choose which female embodiment you are going to become! I have hunch you're sweet on our third and most popular prototype our:Busty, Bodacious, Blonde Slut. We'll cover all plastic surgery choices, CC amounts (breast size) etc., hair color, and over all final look. Hold onto your falsies and wigs ladies, we're about to make you a Real, Live, Woman! Transgender, Transformation, TS, Sex Change, Transsexual, Feminization, Sissy Training, Sissy Slut, Medical, Glasses, Professional Woman