Happy Honeymoon: MY Cuckolding Plans Revealed

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Wow honey what an *amazing* wedding we had! I am so glad we are now on our honeymoon. We've sealed the deal and I bet that you are ready to settle into a nice, long, loving relationship with ME, aren't you? Well, there's something I need to tell you. Even though I love you, you fall way short for ME. Short between the legs I mean. Sweetheart I am a SIZE QUEEN...a BBC Size Queen to be exact. What's BBC? Well darling, it's Big Black Cock. I need to let you know that I CANNOT be without it. SO....when we get back from our honeymoon. I am going to start taking on very well hung, very fit, young black lovers and you're going to help ME. You're going to find MY young, hung, black lovers, you're going to assist ME in getting ready for MY dates, and you're going to participate in MY sexual rendezvous's by Fluffing-sucking cock, eating cream pies out of MY pussy and occasionally getting fucked yourself. Here's to our amazing future together! Cuckolding, Cuckolds, Hot Wife, SPH, Humiliation, Coerced Bi, Interracial, BBC, MILF, Legs, Curvy.