Sissy Chastity/Feminization Pt 2

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Fantasy for the Custom Video:
You are a Lesbian who has taken Kaitlyn from me, and moved in, displacing me. You lock me up in chastity and explain that You made Kaitlyn agree that You would be the one to keep the key, that way She would never be able to unlock me. Maybe You simulate locking up up after you explain this? i dunno, just an idea. You're allowing me to stay under the condition that i would have to give up sex (forever) living life in full-time chastity, and agree to feminization, with the eventual goal of me becoming a girl. Every week you give me my estrogen shots and other feminizing pills, making sure that i can never function as a man. Between the chastity and the hormones, it's impossible for me to experience pleasure, and you plan to make sure that my only pleasure comes from serving You and Kaitlyn. Once the hormones have finished doing their job, you're going to have me castrated to make sure there's no going back, then shortly thereafter, schedule me for surgery to complete my transition, as You'd much rather have an actual female slave then a sissy in chastity. You can talk about how how jealous i'm going to become since She's with You, and You'll be right under my nose, and that i can't have You or Any Girl, for that matter. Part of what You're trying to do is bring me to a place where no other Girl will ever want me again, and the two of You will be the only Women that will even be in my life again. Start by talking about who You are, what You've taken from me (everything: my girl, my money, my life, my sexuality) and what my life will be like now.
Items to cover: chastity, denial, feminization, the rules You'll have for me since You're the boss of the household now.

Next, talk about taking my manly ways away. The only way i get out of chastity is when Im going to be humiliated (i give You a lot of creative license here - i'm pretty twisted in what i'd like to happen to me), and eventually to get castrated. You're taking me to a friend who is a lesbian surgeon who's going to make sure that even after i have a sex change that i won't be able to experience sexual pleasure and that i'll always by horny and forever sexually frustrated, etc.

Lastly, talk about what my post-surgical life will be like as Yours and Kaitlyn's slave. Describe the scenario as something that i thought would be a good thing, but will become my personal hell, but I''ll never be able to escape it. You won't allow me to have friends, sex, no enjoyment, no freedom, just slavery, frustration, etc.

Favorite Fetishes: at Your heels, spit on, human toilet, denial, slavery, financial domination, LEGS, extreme pain, no safewords, being treated very badly, and beaten, with no escape. Not being allowed to see any girl naked ever again.

Video Style: POV, preferably with the viewpoint as if i was my knees in front of You as You are explaining the situation and what's going to happen to me.