Stiletto Heel Joi

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I instruct you to jerk off to my sexy high heels. I want you to blow a load into my heel as you grab that dick hard and squeeze out every last drop. I know you are a high heel junkie, you are an addict for sexy long legs and feet in high heel stilettos. These red heels make you so hot and horny for me. I want you to worship my feet and worship my heels and beg for release as I count you down and instruct you while showing off and bragging about how horny Im getting you with my feet and heels and my sexy scent. Mix that cum with my delicious feet scent. Be a good boy and worship me and send more money so i can buy more high heels to keep draining your cock and your wallet with them. Clip includes :high heels, joi, joe,masturbation instructions, feet worship, shoe fetish This clip features elements of: High Heels,Masturbation Instruction,Shoe Fetish,Cum Countdown,Red Lips,High Heels Fetish,High Heels Tease,Shoe Worship,Stilettos Fetish,High Heel Domination