Blue lipstick kisses

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This video has great close up sound of me giving you kisses. I paint a scenario of being a wonder kisser. And as a girlfriend I would kiss you all over your face your body, especially your dick and your balls. The best girlfriend experience, being covered in my kisses and blue shiny lipstick. I lick my lips a lot in this clip also, and you see very close up views of me giving you kisses and licking my big full juicy lips. At the end you see me kissing a mirror and can see my full lips pucker up to their biggest size. This clip also includes eye fixation and moaning and kissing sounds and wet mouth sounds. A perfect clip to get if you love kissing videos with lots of kissing sounds and wet mouth smooches, and makeup lipstick fetish.
Category: KISSING
Keywords: licking lips, big juicy kisses, kissing, gfe, eye fixation, face, kiss, mouth, lips, lipstick, wet mouth, asmr, whispering, soft spoken, headphone tingles