You Think I'm A Trance-therapist, But I'm Really A Findom Mesmerizer

230 Credits ($22.99)

You and I are friends but I know you have a thing for ME. You have been having stress problems and I offered to help me with some trance-therapy. I mesmerize me using a combination of MY pendant and MY wonderful, BIG, breasts(which I know your always staring at). Once you're under I tell you that I am not going to help with you with your stress, but instead use MY control to take over your finances and turn you into MY money slave. I make you give ME your wallet and then the PIN numbers to all your credit cards I also make you give you all of the information to your bank accounts so I can access them whenever I want. I tell you that from now on you will only spend the absolute minimum on yourself so that I can have as much as possible. I tell you that your twice as easy as most men to put under control and because you're so weak I'm going to be extra mean and only allow you to eat noodles and drink water from now on. I Implant the suggestion that you will sell all my books, CD's etc.. and give the money to ME. Towards the end I tell you that once the trance ends I won't remember anything and will never notice how little money I have, but your instructions will be burned into my brain forever. Findom, Financial Domination, Mesmerize, Trance, Spell, Money Slave, Dominant Woman, Femdom, Busty, Mature, Induction, Magic Control.