BBC University: Dr Paris Will I Ever Be A Straight Guy Again?

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Welcome to BBC University. Dr Paris's therapy office is visited today by another young, white,not very well endowed freshman male who confides to Dr Paris that he is concerned about whether he is ever going to be a heterosexual again after being roomed up in his dorm with DeShonte Biggen Blackmore Universities Star quarterback. Dr, Paris explains to our freshman that college years are a time for personal experimentation and that it's good be engaged in different sexual scenarios in order to find out who you really are. Dr. Paris goes on and talks about all the unharnessed testosterone that runs freely on campus and let our freshman know that he should feel honored that he is in such a lucky and coveted position, Our small penis, white male freshman divulges that his big, black roommate Deshonte has made him start to dress in bra's, panties and female attire, while he makes him submit to both deep throat oral fellatio and bareback anal intercourse after finding gay interracial sex websites on his computer hisVery graphic descriptions of male on male D/s, interracial sex are conveyed to Dr. Paris in stunning detail. Dr. Paris explains since Deshonte is a senior, our white, submissive freshman will have 3 more years worth of big, strapping, testosterone fueled, black male roommates to service. BBC, SPH, Feminization, Domination, Submission, Coerced Bi, Humiliation, Legs, Mature, Glasses, Busty, Doctor, Counselor, Sissy Slut Training, Interracial.