Tanya Tate Custom Movie Mouth Fetish The Things I Will Do To You With My Lips

  • Model: Tanya Tate
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  • Duration: 00:05:40
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • File size: 207.6M
100 Credits ($10.00)

Custom movie: "Lovely Tanya - Wearing a latex corset and nude lipgloss, you're on a bed and order me to snuggle up close. Slowly undoing your top, you tell me you know what I like. you stroke your breasts slowly, then the cam is very close to your mouth. You talk seductively about the mouth fetish you know I have. The rest of the clip (2/3 mins) is focused in on your mouth. You lick your lips and say in a sexy voice about your plan to take care of my desires and how you'll use your mouth to please me”.