Star Nine & Dixie Comet: Freeze Frame!

140 Credits ($13.99)

Upon returning home, Star Nine and Dixie Comet notice a package outside their door. It's wrapped like a Christmas present.. But.. it's not Christmas anylonger, perhaps a late gift from a fan..? They open it in angst! Inside, they find two little lazer beam.. toys? One red, one blue. Both giggle and begin to play with them, firing them up in the air.. Then.. at one another.. Dixie FREEZES Star in her tracks! So.. we know what the blue one does.. What's the red one for? After toying with Star a bit, Dixie prys the red lazer out of Star's hand, points it at her, and it's like she's melted back down to earth.

"Wha.. what the hell just happened!?" Star explains how she was FROZEN in place, unable to move, speak, even blink! "Let me try it on YOU!" She freezes Dixie! Poses her awkwardly, even removes her top leaving it covering her eyes!

"HEY! I didn't take YOUR clothes off and didn't even mean to freeze you in the first place Star! ..but seriously, what are we going to do with these lasers? How long do they last? How powerful are they? We NEED to really test them out!"

"But which one of us is really going to volunteer Dixie?" Star can hardly finish her sentence and Dixie freezes her.. This time getting a little more handsy, groping, removing more clothing, playing with her open eyes, gaping mouth..

Each bicker back and forth, fighting, freezing, (wo)man-handling one another.. Until Dixie gets Star REALLY good. Leaned back on the couch, strips her panties off, legs spread wide in the air.. perfect naughty position to take some GREAT blackmail shots.. and.. of course leave her!!

Includes: freeze, frozen, stripping, posing, eye fetish, mouth fetish, limp play, limb play, mesmerize, mind control, magic control.