Dirty Step Brother

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Now that my mums out shopping and your dad is at work, I can finally speak to you..... I have seen the way your always staring and perving at me you know! You really do make it so obvious! I mean you even wait on the landing when I am about to get out the shower wearing only but my towel... And don't even get me started at our family BBQ last weekend!! Your a complete dirty perverted step brother!! So go on admit you want your sexy step sister! I bet that's why you never bring any girls round here, because your afraid when you fuck them, you will be thinking of me and saying my name!! Haha Look I know you fancy the fuck out of me lets just face it, so now we are alone why don't you get out that cock for me and jerk it to your fuckable step sister... Il even strip tease in front of you until I am totally naked! And then il count you down when to CUM for me ;) Come on... Quick before my mum gets home from shopping!!! ;)