A Humiliating Pay Rise

120 Credits ($11.99)

You desperately need this payrise and will do anything in this world to do it right, anything.

Well, don't think I haven't noticed your wondering perverted eyes. You can't seem to remove them from me when I'm the office so I think it's time I taught you a lesson and see just how much you really want this pay rise. I want you to start by stripping naked, getting to your knees and barking like a d0g. I've always wanted an office pet and your lucky I haven't reported you for sexual harassment. I want to beat you, abuse you and break you in every way possible. You will feel the wrath of my whip and a sharp sting to your crotch as I kick you as hard as I can. It's so much fun to let all my anger out on you all whilst the rest of the office are completely oblivious to how much of a desperate, disgusting loser you are. You want this money, you earn it.

I want my shoes clean, I want you tongue licking every single groove of my dirty heels. You will from now on become my pet doing anything I put your way and I have a nice little surprise for you, oh yes, open up. You're not going to get your pay rise, you're going to earn it by sucking cock after office hours. I don't care if you don't want to, I don't care if that wasn't the deal because this is what you ARE going to do. You can't say no as I filmed this whole entire thing and with a click of a button not only the whole office could see what a joke you are but the whole world could. I don't think they will think much of you are you crawl around on all fours panting and barking like an an.imal will they.

You better start sucking loser and earning that pay rise with your mouth.