Trophy wife explains cheating with a BBC

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Same outfit, tight skinny jeans and red top. Very non-dominating, like a typical housewife. Red (or hot pink) fingers and toes with bright red lips... Same camera angle, full body, crossed legs for the entire clip. Wedding ring if possible. You slowly sway your pretty white girl foot back and forth and twirl your hair nervously as you explain something to your hubby... His niece Angela was over with her boyfriend "Daquan" the other day..You really like his niece so you guys all decided to have drinks together...neither are 21, but you figured as long as they stay, why not. Things are more relaxed in America that way. besides, you have been home alone for over a week and needed the company. Anyway, one thing led to another and before you knew it, you all were feeling pretty tipsy. Anyway, Angela got sick and passed out pretty early, leaving you with Daquan...which was pretty awkward since he is basically a street thug and has zero in common with you. You barely understand what he is saying. After a while, Daquan ended up pulling out a "blunt" (you think he called it). He must have known the conversation was going no where. You haven't smoked marijuana in over 15 years, but figured, hey way you two went out back and smoked some...(you giggle a little) But that is not why you are ask if he remembers that fantasy he has about seeing you flirt with other kinda sorta happened....maybe even a little bit further than that.... You can't believe it have never had that fantasy before...let alone with an 18yr old...BLACK boy. You don't know what came over you. All you can remember is that the two of you sat down on the couch and were talking. You were both so high, that everything was funny. At some point, he reached down and slipped off your shoes, commenting on your toes. He said he liked the color and even smelled them....(you giggle) You know it sounds crazy but all you could do was laugh. He put them in his lap and started rubbing them. Your laughter quickly turned into relief and then ecstasy.....You tell hubby sorry, but he gave you the best foot massage you have ever had....from an 18yr old black boy. He knew what he was doing. It turned you to mush. Before you knew it, he was on top of you kissing. You couldn't resist. He smelled so good and it felt like heaven. You let him go, let him put his hands all over you. You felt a HUGE erection in his pants and it turned you on even more.....You tell hubby that you know what he is thinking, but it didn't go all the way there. He reached down and unbuckled your jeans and pulled them of you. He went to take off his pants and you got up and told him you thought it was a bad idea..and thats how it ended.....he was cool with ask hubby please to not get are sure you didn't provoked him, but you didn't exactly resist either. Its probably just as much your fault... But that isn't invited him back over tonight....(you look at the camera in silence for a second....letting it sink in)....he called you and you have been thinking about the whole situation ever good it felt, how alone you feel with your husband gone all the time....knowing that he has cheated in the past. He is DESPERATE for fact, a lot of men are, but Daquan moved on it. May have happened sooner had other men done the same probably. That is how alone you are. Daquan wants the white British goddess that he could never have growing up in the are making this video because you want your husband to know how close you are to letting him have it. You stand up and show him how good your ass looks in your jeans. You pose for him for a while. You sit back down and tell him you aren't sure what you are going to do yet. Maybe you will just be flirty with him, maybe make out, maybe suck his giant young cock, maybe give him his dream and let him lick you up and down. Maybe you won't even answer the door or send your husband this just have to get it off your chest. Maybe, hubby won't mind you are fucking a young black stud like Daquan... Maybe this is a good start and can lead into a potential scene with your BBC? And Again, please feel free to add your own it the element of surprise for me.