Happy Birthday Old Man

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*From a custom request* I am your husband's grandfather. I am staying at your house beause my wife passed away a few weeks ago, my birthday is coming up so the family is throwing a party to cheer me up. You see that I am depressed and you tell me that if there is anything you can do for me or if there is something I want for my birthday that will cheer me up, you will get it for me. I tell you that I would like to see you naked for my present. At first you are shocked and appalled that I would ask that, act reluctant, but then you tell me you will do it if I give you my credit card. Start off fully dressed in very conservative clothes with a black bra and panties underneath. Call me a dirty old man, pervert and so on. Strip and tease me with your body telling me that you are going to buy a bunch of things with my credit card and you want me to give you access to my bank accounts as well. Tell me you know I took a pair of panties from your room and your not surprised that I have a panty fetish. Tease me and tell me you will let me sniff the panties you are wearing right now. Tell me you will give me the panties to sniff if I take my cock out and play with myself. Throw the panties to me and make me jerk off for you while sniffing them. Laugh at me and call me a sick bastard and make me cum. Act like you are taking a picture of me with your phone and tell me that you will show everyone in the family the picture if I ever think about going back on our deal because my money is now your money