Dumb Blonde Strikes Back

  • Model: Kendra Kennedy
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  • Duration: 00:10:04
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You've come to the hottest, most popular girl in school to help you with a "project". You figure she's hot and stupid, it'll be perfect!! You convince her you are needing to mind wash her to see if it can be done for class. Once she agrees you can't help but to think of all the nasty things you will make her do. Like get naked on her knees before you, suck you off and even fuck her while under enthrall. You even think about taking photos while doing those things and selling them to the guys at school. Little do you know she has a different plan. She's not as dumb as you think. She instead twists your words and puts YOU under enthrall. You try to resist but with her perky tits busting out of her little white top has you stunned. There's no turning back now...