You Heard About Your Mommy and Your Brother

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You heard about your mommy and your brother. Now you want your turn. Your brother was bragging to you about the things he and Mommy did. He tells you how he's seen Mommy naked and fucking her tight little pussy with a big toy. And how she encouraged him to strip down and masturbate with her. How she gave him gentle and loving encouragement to cum for her. You want to play with Mommy too! So, today when Mommy comes home from work you are the one to slip quietly into her bedroom. And there she is wearing sexy lingerie relaxing her in rocking chair. She is so happy to see you. Mommy wastes no time in seducing you too. You enjoy Mommy's gentle loving instructions and seeing Mommy rub and fuck her pretty pussy for you. You've dreamed about this for so long and never thought it could possibly happen. Dare you dream that maybe, just maybe, next time you will finally get to taste and touch that beautiful pussy.