Chastity Is The Answer

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You keep telling me you want to stop your dirty little wank habit so I'm going to help you. I'm going to lock that cock away for you and put it into chastity. This will give me great pleasure. Denying your orgasms whilst coercing you to watch my clips, teasing you, tormenting you and frying that little piggy brain of yours. You should be careful as to what you wish for. I'm going to enjoy every minute of making you squirm and go out of your ting mind. Imagine how good that orgasm will feel when I finally allow you release. I'm looking forward to all those grovelling tributes too begging for early release. My release fee is set so high you'll probably have to remortgage your house to pay it - then again you'll be so desperate and climbing the walls with frustration you'll probably do it just to be free. And after your little journey being locked away - you'll still have your dirty little wank habit only it will be much much worse....hahaha you can't stop! You can't resist me.