Weekend Cuckold

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Cuckold, Verbal Humiliation
This weekend you will be my cuckold bitch. Yes you read right, the entire weekend you will be cheated on and you will love it. You will get so horny at the very idea that you are being cheated on and have to hear all the stories about me fucking other men. I mean its not cheating if you know about it. Its not cheating if you get off on it. Its not cheating if I tell you all about my dates is it? Matter of fact you love being a cuckold and helping me get ready for my dates don't you? Oh yes you do. So this weekend I'm going to go out on many dates, which you help pay for and not only that, you will help me get ready and help me get dressed for all those dates. So get ready to see how a real man can have his way with me.
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