Giving an honest, unscripted opinion of what you'd do to world and you after gaining superpowers

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"Oh hello again dear.. it seems did you not enjoy me being so blunt with you. Well don't worry.. you've certainly earned some attention now after whining like such a pathetic bitch. I cannot believe that after asking for the truth.. and begging for me to be.. "brutally honest".. you cannot handle it. Well.. you should have been careful for what you wished for. WHEN I become super.. not if.. WHEN.. I will come find you.. not just when I get round to you... but i'll seek you out. I'll admit it probably won't be till the 6th month or so after I'm super. After all, I have a world to conquer. I bet you're excited.. I bet you're wondering what i'll say.. will I be kind to you now you're shown me the error of my ways? Short answer? No. I'm going to tor ture you to death... Oh, but this upsets you? Hmmm? Is this not fair? *laugh* Of course it's fair.. I'm a fucking Goddess, and you're a fat, pathetic, lonely loser who desperately dreams of turning me into a superwoman.. of seeing me float down streets.. eradicating anyone I don't like with my heat vision.. flying through the air and crushing armies like they were toys... and appearing on everyone's TV to demand their worship. You dream of this.. but you're not prepared to accept the consequences. Well.. tough.. and there's nothing you can do to change this now. Even if you gave me everything you own.. even if you hand delivered me the super formula and begged me.. it wouldn't change a thing. Because I understand you. We both agree.. that nothing is sexier than a Goddess like me having absolute power. Being able to do.. whatever I want.. to who I want.. when I want.. And what do I want to do you? I want to put you in a plane.. with hundreds of others who have disrespected me. You'll wake up in the very last seat.. strapped in.. the belt buckle seared shut so you can't get out.. and then you'll hear my laughter. I'll be dressed as I am now.. and I'll be working my way down the plane.. slowly tortu ring and executing every last person in it. Until I come to you. I'll sit on your lap.. and kiss you. *make a kissing motion* And as I kiss you.. I'll push my tongue inside your mouth... and move it super fast! I'll break your teeth.. your tongue.. your jaw! And i'll just laugh in your face as you moan in pain and terror... mmmm and then i'll heal you! I'll let you up out of your chair.. and give you a chance.. if you can run to the end of the plane within 2 minutes.. I'll let you out. And to be fair.. I'll only be as strong and as fast as you are. *smile* We both know what you'd do.. really.. you wouldn't run.. you'd punch me in the face. But you see.. we also both know that you're an idiot who doesn't think.. I never said I wouldn't have my other superpowers.. And so you punch me.. and break your fist against my invulnerable face. Before you can react i'll push you to the floor and pin you down.. and as i'm as strong as you are.. you'd be going no where. Once the 2 minutes are up.. I'll power back up and then spend an hour or so ki l ling you over and over and over again. Sometimes i'll punch you. Other times i'll use my heat vision.. maybe i'll make my body like rubber.. wrap my little finger around you.. and squeeze! Maybe i'll poke holes in you.. maaaybe.. i'll even fuck you! *pause* With a strap on.. obviously! You ever wonder what getting fucked in the ass super fast is like? Don't worry.. you'll find out! And then when i'm finally done with you, I'll wrap my arms around you.. and we'll fly out of the plane and to the ground.. yeah.. I really like that idea.. us hitting the ground together.. Your body will crush into nothing... trapped between the ground and this.. perfect body... And I'll be perfect and continue being perfect forever. You scared now, James? Fuck you Loser.. yeah.. fuck you! I'm so looking forward to ki l ling you. *laugh* "