Privilege To Worship Me

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Yep that's right, it's an absolute privilege for you little wank stains to worship me. Where would you be without me, without my clips? You'd have nothing without me. It's your duty to show me how much you appreciate me and the time I take to film these clips and rinse you of your money. It's an absolute privilege to be watching this right now. Without me you worthless pieces of s*** would have nothing, even your orgasms would be mediocre - with me draining you they're intense, powerful and addictive, don't forget that. Don't you ever, ever forget how good I make you feel. If this wasn't in your life you'd be so lonely & empty. So you will pay for those privileges. You will worship me, you will empty your ban account for me and accept my humiliation because it pleases me & nothing else interests me with you.